How to Pick the Best Crochet Starter Kit: A Beginners Guide

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some crochet with crochet hook and ball of yarn

Hobbies are mentally stimulating and provide a healthy way to pass the time. Getting started with a handicraft hobby like crochet is one way to keep your hands busy and your mind at ease. Learn this classic craft with the best crochet starter kit to suit your crafting plans!

If you can’t wait to get crafting here is a table of our top picks:

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The Best Crochet Kit Buyer’s Guide

Before we introduce our favorite starter kits, let’s take a look at what you need to know to choose the right beginner crochet kit and how to make the most of it.

How to Choose The Best Crochet Starter Kit

Crochet kits for beginners must have a few elements to get you started: 

  • Hook — 5.0mm is recommended for beginners. 
  • Yarn 
  • Tapestry needle — This helps you wrap up loose ends and handle small details. 
  • Stitch markers — Saves your place
  • Measuring tape 
  • Instructions

What Are The Advantages of a Crochet Starter Kit?

You can work your way up to more complex crochet kits like amigurumi, but beginner kits have quite a few advantages over a standard kit. They are:

  • Convenient — You get everything you need in one kit.
  • Affordable — You don’t risk purchasing the wrong kind of yarn or the wrong needle.
  • Ease of use — It provides a complete kit designed for a beginner’s skills all in one box. 
  • Full of value — You’ll be able to complete your first real project with little frustration with a beginner kit. Nothing goes to waste, and nothing gets too challenging to finish.

Where do I start?

The Best Crochet Starter Kit Reviews

Here are our choices for best starter kits in no particular order.

WooCrafts Crochet Set with Case

WooCrafts crochet set is an all in one option designed to give you every tool you need to take on your own projects. If you’ve been given yarn or you have a plan in mind that you’d like to start, this kit ensures you have the remainder of the tools for your job.

The storage works well for beginners who don’t have a full craft room dedicated to hobbies. The compact bag has a place for everything while the needles offer some of the most common sizes for beginner to intermediate projects. Keep in mind that you’ll have to locate your own yard and directions to get started.

The set includes nine large eye needles with various sizes and nine ergonomic knitting hooks. You also get a few different colors of stitch markers, and everything fits into the convenient case. While it doesn’t include a project or yarn, it makes a good accessories kit for beginners looking to find their own projects. Combine it with yarn from your collection and you should be well set up.


  • Includes nine needles and hooks of different sizes
  • Comes with convenient carrying case
  • Affordable accessories kit for beginners


  • No yarn is included
  • Doesn’t offer a complete project

Mira Handcrafts 24 Acrylic Yarn Kit

Mira Handicrafts offers beginners a full collection of colorful yarn wrapped into convenient yarn balls for storage. It comes with a standard crochet needle and two crochet hooks in sizes “H” and “J.”. It’s a good option if you do a variety of handicrafts with yarn, and you’d like the option to take up crocheting.

The yarn set includes 24 different colors of quality hobby yarn. The yarn comes pre-rolled into convenient balls, helping keep things together and ensuring you have access to all the yarn when you need it. It’s a good kit for beginners who’d like to explore a variety of yarn-based handicrafts and want a collection to cover all the color bases.

It’s an excellent basic start for beginners, but you’ll have to supply your own stitch minders and measuring tape. You could combine this kit with one of the starter kits from our list offering multiple crochet hooks and have an excellent foundation for learning to crochet.


  • Includes multiple yarn colors, enough to start your collection
  • The set includes a needle and two hooks
  • Suitable for multiple types of yarn crafts and projects


  • No directions or project included
  • Doesn’t come with a case for storage

Katech Crochet Hooks Kit with Case

Katech’s 85 piece case is an all-inclusive kit designed to give you a head start on your crochet accessories. Everything fits into a molded slot inside a zip-up case for organization. You can arrange your tools the way you need to and find everything at a moment’s notice.

The kit comes with nine standard crochet hooks (2.0-6.0mm) and nine aluminum alloy crochet hooks (2.0-8.0mm). The 14 ring style and 14 locking style markers give you plenty of options while the measuring ruler and yarn remover tool plus a few other accessories round things out. 

Beginners who decide on this kit will have a comprehensive set of tools for beginner to intermediate projects. Keep in mind that you’ll need to supply your own yarn, but if you already have a collection from other types of hobbies, this is a good kit to start. It offers a little more than basic kits with proper storage to keep organized.


  • Includes a wide variety of accessories to complete your collection
  • Comes with carrying case and molded slots
  • Multiple sections help you stay organized


  • Doesn’t include the yarn, a project or directions
  • The number of tools may be overwhelming for absolute beginners

Inscraft Full-Sized Crochet Starter Kit

This full-sized crochet kit includes over 40 yards of yarn, along with two hooks (6.0mm & 6.5mm), two tapestry  needles, and four locking stitch markers. Everything fits into a clear zip case for secure storage. Each yarn ball is rolled into a convenient form that allows you to find the ends easily.

This kit also includes eight different ebooks with projects and directions, so you can get started right away. You can scroll through and decide which projects fit your particular skill level. Everything you need is in one case.

This crochet starter kit comes closest to all of our ideal needs for a beginner kit. It has yarn, enough tools to give you a taste of the types of projects you could pursue, and the option to download directions and project inspiration. It’s an all-inclusive kit that covers all of our bases.

If you don’t have anything and this is your very first foray into crocheting, a kit like this allows you to start creating right out of the box, provided you have computer access to get the ebooks. If you don’t, you may still need to invest in physical directions.


  • Comes with ebooks to give you a head start
  • Includes plenty of yarn for any project you could want, crochet or otherwise
  • Includes two beginner needles and hooks.


  • No physical directions
  • Only a handful of knitting tools.

BCMRUN Crochet Hooks Set

This set is a lovely set of hooks and needles, along with locking stitch markers. It includes a carrying bag that zips everything up inside. The measuring tape comes in handy, and the needles all fit into their own little container to prevent injury. Plus, the hooks are made with ergonomic handles which can be a life saver if you’re crocheting a lot.

We really like that it comes with a case helping you to stay organized. It’s compact and designed to fit into a backpack or purse so you’re always ready. Overall, it’s an excellent kit to augment a yarn kit you may have gotten.

If you don’t have a lot of space to store your hobby equipment, this starter set plus case gives you the basics with compact storage. It doesn’t come with yarn or instructions, but if you’ve got a collection of yarn to use already, there are plenty of free tutorial available on youtube. 

It’s best for storing in a small space like a drawer, or tossing into a basket so you’re ready no matter what type of project you happen to be in the mood for. The tools are well-made and sturdy and provides the most common sizes for beginner to intermediate projects.


  • Includes 14  hooks (2.25mm to 10mm) plus tapestry needles
  • Needles come with their own container
  • Provides a compact case


  • Doesn’t include yarn
  • You won’t have any instructions


Of all the starter kits on the list, the Katech Crochet Hooks Kit is our favorite. It has a wide variety of tools that you’ll need to get started, and everything fits into the organized, convenient carry case. You’ll have everything you need.

Crocheting is a wonderful way to keep your hands busy, make gifts for those you love, and practice new skills. Choose one of our beginner crochet kits, and you’ll be set to go.

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