How to choose the best Interchangeable Knitting Needles to last you a lifetime.

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knitting needles on wooden table

While knitting has a lot of creative potential, you don’t have to make everything with standard needles. Different varieties can make it simpler to create different types of projects, and interchangeable knitting needles are part of that.

Interchangeable needles are similar to circular ones, where there is a cord connected to the end that helps with creating round patterns like hats, socks, and more. However, the cables aren’t permanently connected with interchangeable ones, allowing you to switch them out to best suit your project.

We’ve created a guide to the best interchangeable knitting needle kits to enhance your knitting possibilities!

If you’re short on time, see below for our top picks:

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What to Look for in an Interchangeable Needle Set

Not sure how to narrow down these kits to find the best ones for you? Here are some guidelines to consider.


The cables are part of the heart and soul of the best knitting needles, so you want them to be in top shape. The wires should be flexible rather than stiff, which can hinder your progress. Kinks also can get in the way.

Additionally, you should also pay attention to how the cables connect to the needles. These sections should be smooth, and the pieces should stay strongly connected so that they don’t pop out whenever you’re knitting. Some sets will also allow you to attach multiple cables to make extra long loops for larger projects.

Variety of Pieces

When buying a set of needles, you want to make sure you have a variety of sizes. Part of this will depend on the types of projects you do, but you’ll wish to have multiple sizes of needle tips, along with a variety of lengths in cables to give you the most potential use.

Additional Accessories

Many knitting kits will have a variety of accessories with them. While you’ll be able to pick up what you need separately, getting them together is often more cost-effective. Some accessories you may want to keep an eye out for include:

  • Connection pins
  • Grippers
  • Stitch markers

What You Want to Make

Lastly, the type of projects you want to work on will determine the types of needles and accessories you want. The length of your cables will influence what size of knitting projects you can make, and the dimensions of the needles will also impact your stitches. Smaller needles will work better for those who want to work with socks or lace, and larger if you’re aiming to make a blanket quickly!

Here’s our top 5 picks in no particular order:

KnitPro Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Needle Deluxe Set

This interchangeable needle set has an appealing and colorful design, making it fun to work with as you knit. The collection includes eight different needle sizes, as well as four different cables. The laminated birchwood moves smoothly and doesn’t catch on your yarn as you go. These needles are also simple to use, even for those who have challenges with holding regular needles.

Additional accessories in this kit include end caps and cable keys. The end caps help with storing your project or temporarily pausing work on a project to check the size, while the cable keys help you tighten the connections for more stability while you work. Everything fits into the included clear vinyl bag.

We found that while the needles come with the sizes marked on the sides, they rub off easily, so you’ll want to keep a needle gauge on hand. Additionally, while it’s possible to connect the individual cables for a longer length, the connection isn’t particularly sturdy.


  • Easy to handle
  • Eight pairs of needles
  • Four cables
  • Made from laminated birchwood
  • Comes with end caps and cable keys
  • The set comes with a vinyl bag


  • Needle sizes rub off easily
  • Cable connections to each other are weak

Addi Knitting Needles Click Short Crafts Project Bag

Next up on our round up of the best interchangeable knitting needles is this kit from Addi. These needles are metallic, making them sturdy, even at their smaller sizes. They also have a white bronze finish, which is less likely to cause skin reactions than nickel plating. We found these needles work smoothly and were really comfortable to knit with.

This kit comes with eight pairs of needles and five lengths of cables to use. Other accessories in the kit include a needle gauge, a click connector, and a grip to help change the needle tips. Everything fits into the included duffle bag, and there’s also a separate needle organizer to help you keep the pairs together. We love the fact that Addi covers the set with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Overall, this set is excellent, though sometimes we thought  its connections don’t hold quite as firmly as they could.


  • White bronze finish needles
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Eight pairs of needles
  • Five cables
  • Comes with a bag and needle organizer


  • Connections could be stronger

Knitter’s Pride Knitting Needles Deluxe Interchangeable Set

This kit has the most needle pairs in it, numbering at thirteen. The laminated wood stays smooth while working, and the set overall looks great. There are also six cords available, which can also combine if you want a different length to use. Additional accessories include end caps, cord keys, stitch markers, and a pen that matches the needles.

The needles fit into a fold-over case that also has room to keep some of those accessories in it. The case can also stand up, and its magnetic back allows it to serve as a pattern holder. This feature is great for knitting on the go, and we found it really convenient. The entire set fits into the Knitter’s Pride duffel bag that also comes with the kit. Again we love the fact this kit also comes with a lifetime warranty coverage!

We found that while the needles are clearly labeled so you can keep track of them, distinguishing the included cables from each other is a bit more of a hassle.


  • Thirteen needle pairs
  • Six cords in three lengths
  • Case doubles as a pattern holder
  • Needles use laminated wood
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Distinguishing cables is somewhat difficult

Knitter’s Pride SmartStix Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

Another offering from Knitter’s Pride is their SmartStix interchangeable set. Unlike the previous recommendation, this set is metallic rather than wooden so that you can get the benefits of the brand with your preferred needle material. In this kit, you receive nine pairs of needles and four different cables to use.

One of the most distinguishing factors of this kit is its style. Each needle pair is a distinct color that isn’t only fun to look at but also makes it simple to find the matching pairs. Of course, you won’t have as much trouble with disorganization, thanks to the case. There’s a plush velvet needle roll and a leather pouch for the remaining end caps and cord keys, which all fit into a cute case together.

The sizes on these needles are the UK sizes, which can be tricky if you work with US sizes; however, you can quickly fix this issue by using a needle gauge.


  • Nine metallic needle pairs
  • Four cables
  • Each needle pair is its distinct color
  • The storage bag is both practical and stylish
  • Has a needle gauge to convert sizes


  • Needles ship with UK sizes rather than US ones

KnitPro Assorted Knitting Pins Deluxe Set

This second recommended kit by KnitPro has a larger selection of needle sizes, with eleven pairs in total included. Each needle has the sizes engraved on the metallic ends, making it simple to find the pairs as you work on your projects. There are four different cables as well, and you can connect these individual pieces to give you different lengths.

Other accessories included in this set include end caps, cable keys, stitch markers, and a pen that matches the design on the needles themselves. Everything fits into the included case, and you can also use the back end as a chart keeper while working. Overall, these needles operate smoothly without getting caught on yarn as you use them.

While the case does work as a chart keeper, the magnetic bar that comes included isn’t the strongest, so it loses some functionality.


  • Eleven pairs of needles
  • Four cables
  • Cables can connect
  • Needle case doubles as a chart keeper
  • Needle sizes engraved on the needles


  • Magnetic bar on the chart keeper is fragile


Finding the best knitting needles can be a matter of personal preference. Even so, we give our vote to the Knitter’s Pride SmartStix set.

To us, this set wins when it comes to both functionality and style. The included case looks great, and the needles are appealing while their distinct colors add to the convenience of finding the sizes you’re looking for, as does the included needle gauge as you prepare your project.

If you prefer wooden needles, then we give our vote to Knitter’s Pride’s Deluxe Set. The quality in this set is evident, and the inclusion of a lifetime warranty means you can count on them for numerous projects to come.

With that said, the decision (and the knitting to come after it) is up to you!

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