36 Unique Gifts For Knitters 2020: For Those Who Really Know Their Needles

This gift list for knitters has been put together by passionate professionals.

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partially knitted hat with autumn leaves

Have a passionate knitter in your life, but not sure where to start looking for gifts for knitters? With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift to fuel their knitting habit. 

But what do you get the crafter who already has everything? To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the best gifts for knitters in 2020.

1. A Handmade Yarn Bowl

Not only is this yarn bowl adorable, but it’s also the perfect sidekick for a knitter. It’s designed to hold a ball of yarn and smoothly distribute it as they knit. That way, they won’t have to worry about their yarn rolling away or getting tangled.

Best of all, each yarn bowl is handmade with a unique design. No one else will have a bowl exactly like it!

2. A Knitting Caddy

Do you have a disorganized crafter in your life? This handy little caddy will help them keep all their knitting supplies in one place.

The center pocket has room for tons of yarn spools, while handy pockets along the sides help them to keep their needles and other knitting accessories organized. The frame folds up so they can even take their caddy on the go!

3. Colorful Sheep Stitch Markers

Stitch markers hold a knitter’s place when they (tragically) have to put down their project. Instead of boring clips, give them these adorable sheep markers! Each unique set is tarnish-proof and easy to clip on and off.

4. Carbon Fiber Knitting Needles

These carbon fiber needles are like the Ferrari of knitting accessories. They come in an interchangeable set of 4 pairs, with a deluxe carrying case to fit yarn trimmings, scissors, and more.

Because of its strength and lightness, carbon fiber is the perfect material for knitting needles. These needles will never dent, scratch, or wear down – no matter how much use they get.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Knitting is a great way to escape the world for a moment and get lost in the craft. To help them do that, give them these noise-canceling headphones.

The headphones are super comfortable and have Bluetooth connectivity, so they don’t have to get tangled up in cords. Noise reduction technology will help them focus and fade out distractions.

6. Light-Up Knitting Needles

Knitting can be a strain on the eyes, especially in less-than-perfect lighting conditions. These light-up needles are a great solution.

Each needle in the set is made from durable plastic and has a battery-powered LED light on the tip. They’re easy to switch on and off whenever someone needs to shed a little more light on their knitting project.

7. A Yarn Ball Winder

Winding up excess yarn is the most frustrating, time-consuming part of any knitting project. This little device makes it easier.

All they have to do is attach a loose end, then turn the crank to wind up a neat ball of yarn. It’s a great way to stay organized and stop wasting yarn between projects!

8. An Adorable Sheep Stitch Gage

Even if they already have a stitch gauge, this cute sheep would be a great addition to their collection.

This solid brass gauge will help your knitter measure their needle size and stitch size. It’s sturdy, easy to use, and has a charming little sheep motif to add a personalized touch!

9. A Portable Yarn Bag

This is another cute tote for knitting on the go. The bag is compact and light but still has enough space to carry several spools of yarn, needles, and accessories.

Know someone who can never take their hands off their knitting project? Getting them an organized yarn bag is a great way to show your love.

10. A Cute Printed Tote

Let the knitter in your life show off their hobby with this printed canvas tote.

This bag can be used to carry knitting supplies, or for grocery shopping, packing a lunch – whatever they need a bag for. It has a rustic black-ink print of yarn and knitting needles that any crafter will love.

11. A Sassy Novelty Mug

This knitter’s mug is the perfect gift for a crafter with a sense of humor. Creatively designed to look like a spool of yarn and printed with the words “knitting keeps me from unraveling,” this mug will definitely bring a smile to their face.

12. A Convenient Knitting Tote Bag

Speaking of knitting on the go, this cute little tote is the perfect gift for a traveling knitter. It has tons of storage space to keep all their materials organized and comes in multiple colorful designs.

The bag is made from durable nylon and has an over-the-shoulder strap for easy carrying. It’s great for packing a knitting project to kids’ sporting events, the park, a road trip, or anywhere else.

13. A Neck Light For Knitting

This neck light is a super helpful tool for the all-day knitter. It sits comfortably around their neck, so they can see their project without hassling with a flashlight or overhead lights.

It also doubles as a convenient reading light to keep them from straining their eyes at night.

14. Personalized “Made By” Labels

Help them add a professional touch to each project with these customized labels. They’re made from ultra-soft satin and can be sewn into any project.

With personalized lettering or motifs, this is a unique gift that will help them give more unique gifts later on.

15. A Canvas Rolling Organizer

Rolling organizers are perfect for a knitter with tons of tools and limited space. This canvas model has a cute outer print and plenty of pockets for all their needles, scissors, sizers, and more.

There is even a convenient inner pocket where they can keep a book, stitch maps, notes, etc.

16. A Yarn Cutter Pendant

This clover-shaped yarn cutter doubles as a pendant for easy storage. They can wear it as a necklace, attach it to their keychain, or keep it on the outside of their tote bag. The shape is designed to safely snip yarn ends without using scissors.

17. A Hilarious T-Shirt

“Knit Fast, Die Warm.” Isn’t that the mantra of all hardcore knitters?

This cotton tee comes in multiple colors and fits. It has a cute, vintage print and a sassy slogan that the knitter in your life will love.

18. Alpaca Stitch Markers

Sheep get a lot of credit for making our wool – but where’s the love for the alpacas?

These cute little stitch markers will hold their place in their projects. Each silver alpaca is scratch resistant and can easily be clipped on and off. They come in sets of 5, ideal for a knitter who takes on multiple complicated projects at once.

19. A Funny Coffee Cup

Know a knitter who is always buying new yarn and supplies? This “It’s not hoarding if it’s yarn” mug will surely make them laugh.

The 11-ounce ceramic mug is perfect for their morning coffee or tea to keep them fueled up for a full day of knitting.

20. An Animal Hat Knitting Kit

These hat knitting kits come with adorable animal head toppers. It’s a great gift for a young knitter, or for someone who is always making projects for their little ones.

The full bundle comes with 3 hat toppers: a frog, a fish, and a zebra. There is also a free needle grabber included.

21. A Designer Knitting Bag

Who says knitting isn’t fashionable? This sturdy canvas bag looks great and comes in a variety of flashy colors to fit their style.

The bag can be carried with an over-the-shoulder strap or stand up on its own for home storage. It has plenty of pockets and storage space to keep all their knitting projects organized, wherever they go.

22. A Luxurious Afghan Kit

This kit comes with everything they need to make a warm, colorful afghan. The finished product is a rustic design everyone will be jealous of – and no one will believe they made themselves!

23. Comfortable Arthritis Gloves

If knitting is bothering their arthritis, check out these comfy compression gloves.

The gloves have open fingers, so they won’t interfere with knitting and sewing. The compression design helps to relieve joint pain and make their hobby more comfortable.

24. A Mechanical Tally Counter

The bigger the knitting project, the easier it is to lose track of stitches. This handy counter will help to make every project easier.

Its compact design sits comfortably in their hand. Each click adds a new tally – then it can be quickly reset by turning the knob.

Beautiful books to expand their craft:

25. A Knit-Your-Own-Dog Book

For a knitter who loves their dog, this gift is everything. The book comes with instructions to knit 25 pedigree dog breeds. They can find their own dog and recreate them from scratch!

The book doesn’t include materials, but it’s a great guide for dog-lovers.

26. The Ultimate Knitting Book

This book from Vogue is perfect for beginning to intermediate knitters.

They’ll find patterns, inspiration, and tips to help them through all their projects and improve their skills.

27. An Inspiring Guide

“The Knitter’s Life List” is an awesome addition to any knitter’s bookshelf. It includes tips, styles, and advice to help them grow and improve. We recommend this one for all knitters, amateur to expert.

28. A Modern Knitting Guide

Know someone who wants to step up their knitting game and make brand-worthy apparel?

This top-down knitting guide is the perfect resource to help them do that. Inside, there are patterns and templates for high-fashion knitting.

29. No-Needles Knitting Projects

Arm knitting is a fun project for any crafter, even if they’ve never knitted before. This guide will walk them through the step-by-step process of arm knitting comfy blankets and scarfs, quickly!’

In addition to experienced knitters, this is a great gift for young crafters who want to get started.

30. A Guide For Beginners And Experts

The “Knitter’s Book of Knowledge” contains just about everything a knitter needs to know.

Whether they’re still learning how to knit or have been at it for years, they’ll find helpful tips and techniques in this guide.

31. An Endless Book Of Stitches

If they’re sick of looking up stitching patterns online, they’ll love this book. There are 400 knitting stitches inside – more than enough to help them with any project they want to take on!

With clear instructions and easy-to-follow examples, this is a great gift for knitters of all levels.

32. The Ultimate Guide To Sweater-Making

This book has one simple purpose: to show them how to make seamless sweaters in just 2 weeks.

If you know a knitter who has tackled just about every project and wants to move on to professional-quality sweaters, they’ll love this guide. The instructions are clear and easy for anyone to follow.

33. A Doll-Making Guide

This book has instructions on how to make adorable animal figures that grownups and kids alike will love. There are 12 knitted animal patterns inside. They make cute gifts, baby toys, or sweet decorations to keep at home.

34. A Book To Help Them Relax

This book is more than just knitting patterns – it’s a guide for living a slower, more thoughtful lifestyle through the craft.

We love this book for anyone who knits to avoid stress. It can be a cozy fall read, a helpful reference, and a source of inspiration through difficult times.

35. A Harry Potter Knitting Guide

This book brings 2 passions together: the magic of Harry Potter, plus the fun of knitting.

25+ unique patterns will teach them how to make scarves, dolls, socks, and more – all Harry Potter themed.

36. A Book Of Norwegian Designs

Scandinavian knitting designs are some of the prettiest patterns for handmade projects. This book will walk them through gorgeous Norwegian designs, perfect for winter hats, scarves, blankets, and more!

The Perfect Gift Is Out There!

We hope this list helped to give you some inspiration for gifts for knitters. Whether you’re looking for something sassy, cute, helpful, or hilarious, any of these ideas will show your love for the knitter in your life.

Was this list helpful for you? If so, leave a comment and share with your friends to help them get inspired, too!

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