About us

Welcome, welcome – we are delighted that you’re here! Let us tell you a bit about The Crafty Needle. First off, the site is created and stitched together by a multi-generational duo of needle-ninjas…

Meet Natalie and Phyllis

Homemade fashion queen.
Loves pins and Pinterest.

Badass seamstress.
50-years in the game.

While you ponder which generation each represents, let us tell you that these two form a seriously awesome needle-working content-creating tag-team. Hyphens aside, their friendship and eagerness to learn from each other has led to a beautiful working relationship, and to The Crafty Needle.

Phyll brings 40 years of extensive intensive needle-work experience to bear. From a 4H project as a child (come on, who remembers 4H!?) to complete wardrobes and a vast array of home furnishings – she’s done it all. What’s more, she has wielded dozens of sewing machines from the original treadle model to the newest electronic marvels.

And if you think Phyll’s style is antiquated, you’d be dead wrong! She has a keen nose for trending fashion cycles and loves to pick up and instantly master the latest cutting edge techniques. But rather than following the fray, Phyll has a wonderful ability to spot the essence within a new style and then to use tested techniques and craftmanship to make something that is timeless and won’t turn your red with embarrassment when you look back in five years.

Natalie is the Luke to Phyll’s Yoda. She is a gifted apprentice who makes up for her lack of experience with obsession, creativity, and flair. She has a knack for discovering the most exciting crafts-women and men out there and then knuckling down until she has learned their new sewing technique or embroidery style.

Crafting for wellbeing

While Natalie and Phyll can get a little passionate at times when it comes to learning and making. They also do it because of the peace and joy that can be found in a sewing room, like nowhere else.

They believe that we are all innately creative and it’s so important to our wellbeing to have an outlet for this in life. Creating has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on both of them, and their most loved pieces in their homes are the ones they made ourselves.

If the pair can boost the peace and satisfaction you experience in your life as you get crafty, even if it’s just a smidgen, then they will go to sleep happy as a pair of larks.

Why The Crafty Needle?

This site is here to help you discover the joy of making for yourself, branch out into new crafty hobbies or take an existing passion to the next level with the best tools and techniques. We love geeking out about all the materials, tools, and technology out there that can be used to make exciting and unique things! We think there is a craft out there for everyone.

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We take real pride in thoroughly researching all the techniques we teach and the products we review, but if you have any comments or feedback we’d love to hear from you!