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Phyllis Stewart
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on March 17th, 2021

Sewing is both an art and a skill. To develop these, the dedicated sewist needs to know how to operate a sewing machine, do hand sewing with expertise, and measure, use patterns, and fit garments perfectly.

If this is a set of knowledge you’d like to accomplish, use these links to connect to the skill you’d like most to develop.

Happy seaming!

Sewing Basics: Before You Stitch

  • Fabrics Galore
    • Choose the Right Fabric [tables for light, heavy fabrics, etc.]
    • Woven Fabrics
    • Knits
  • Must-Do Fabric Prep
  • Measuring Know-How
    • How to Measure
    • Inches or Millimeters? [text tables]
    • Adjusting for Shoulder Width
    • Adjusting for Bust Darts
    • How and Where to Add or Subtract
  • Pins and Needles (with charts)
  • Choose the Right Patterns
  • Standard Pattern Sizing (table)
  • Pattern Piecing
  • Adding to Seam Allowances
  • Marking the Fabric
    • Temporary Ink Marking
    • Marking with Basting Stitches
  • Cutting the Fabric
    • Cutting with Scissors
    • Scissor Sharpening
    • Cutting with Rotary Cutters

Advanced Pre-Sewing Techniques

  • Pattern Fitting for Perfection
  • Save Your Pattern Pieces
  • Cutting Two at Once
  • Matching Stripes and Patterns

Ready to Stitch: Sewing by Machine

  • Pinning Fabric Pieces Together
  • Setting Up Your Machine
  • Cleaning a Sewing Machine
  • Oiling a Sewing Machine

Threading for Success

  • Choosing the Right Needle
  • Choosing the Right Thread
  • Threading Your Needle
  • Winding the Bobbin

Sewing Machine Settings

  • Finding Your Machine’s Markers
  • Putting Your Right Stitch Foot Forward
  • Adjusting Machine Tension
  • Stitch Length Settings
  • Stitch Width Settings
  • Presser Foot Selection [each w/photo]
  • Stitch Speed Selection

Sewing a Basic Seam

  • Tying Thread Off and On
  • Choosing the Right Stitch Selection
  • Single or Double Stitching?

Finishing Your Garment or Décor Item

  • Seam Finishing for Long Wear
  • Sewing Collars and Necklines
  • Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves
  • Sewing Pockets
  • Linings for Luxury
  • Hemming Techniques
  • Closings for Garments or Projects
  • Sewing Plackets
  • Zippers
  • Buttonholes by Hand or Machine
  • Attaching Buttons
  • Attaching Snaps

Advanced Finishing Techniques

  • Embellishments and Findings
  • Decorative Stitching
  • Attaching Lace

DIY Sewing Projects

Check out our huge library of modern DIY sewing projects for all levels of sewers.

Phyllis Stewart
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on March 17th, 2021