Your Sewing Knowledge Hub

Sewing is both an art and a skill. To develop these, the dedicated sewist needs to know how to operate a sewing machine, do hand sewing with expertise, and measure, use patterns, and fit garments perfectly.

If this is a set of knowledge you’d like to accomplish, use these links to connect to the skill you’d like most to develop.

Happy seaming!

Sewing Basics: Before You Stitch

  • Fabrics Galore
    • Choose the Right Fabric [tables for light, heavy fabrics, etc.]
    • Woven Fabrics
    • Knits
  • Must-Do Fabric Prep
  • Measuring Know-How
    • How to Measure
    • Inches or Millimeters? [text tables]
    • Adjusting for Shoulder Width
    • Adjusting for Bust Darts
    • How and Where to Add or Subtract
  • Pins and Needles (with charts)
  • Choose the Right Patterns
  • Standard Pattern Sizing (table)
  • Pattern Piecing
  • Adding to Seam Allowances
  • Marking the Fabric
    • Temporary Ink Marking
    • Marking with Basting Stitches
  • Cutting the Fabric
    • Cutting with Scissors
    • Scissor Sharpening
    • Cutting with Rotary Cutters

Advanced Pre-Sewing Techniques

  • Pattern Fitting for Perfection
  • Save Your Pattern Pieces
  • Cutting Two at Once
  • Matching Stripes and Patterns

Ready to Stitch: Sewing by Machine

  • Pinning Fabric Pieces Together
  • Setting Up Your Machine
  • Cleaning a Sewing Machine
  • Oiling a Sewing Machine

Threading for Success

  • Choosing the Right Needle
  • Choosing the Right Thread
  • Threading Your Needle
  • Winding the Bobbin

Sewing Machine Settings

  • Finding Your Machine’s Markers
  • Putting Your Right Stitch Foot Forward
  • Adjusting Machine Tension
  • Stitch Length Settings
  • Stitch Width Settings
  • Presser Foot Selection [each w/photo]
  • Stitch Speed Selection

Sewing a Basic Seam

  • Tying Thread Off and On
  • Choosing the Right Stitch Selection
  • Single or Double Stitching?

Finishing Your Garment or Décor Item

  • Seam Finishing for Long Wear
  • Sewing Collars and Necklines
  • Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves
  • Sewing Pockets
  • Linings for Luxury
  • Hemming Techniques
  • Closings for Garments or Projects
  • Sewing Plackets
  • Zippers
  • Buttonholes by Hand or Machine
  • Attaching Buttons
  • Attaching Snaps

Advanced Finishing Techniques

  • Embellishments and Findings
  • Decorative Stitching
  • Attaching Lace

DIY Sewing Projects

Check out our huge library of modern DIY sewing projects for all levels of sewers.