SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Review

A great choice for home sewing enthusiasts

Phyllis Stewart
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on April 9th, 2021

The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 is the kind of sewing machine that intermediate and advanced home sewers dream about. No matter what stitch you want, regardless of how ‘out there’ your design is, the Quantum Stylist sewing and embroidery machine delivers power and style with just a few finger-touch selections. 

I not only used my own experience, but also that of other sewers, those who sew for a living, and others who teach sewing classes. I think we’ve come up with some excellent points about the 9960.

Our Rating = 4.9 / 5

For home sewing, the SINGER 9960 earns a solid 4.9 out of a possible 5.0

Is the SINGER 9960 right for you?

The SINGER Quantum is geared toward experienced sewers and intermediate-level sewers who want to challenge themselves to reach the next level in their mastery of machine stitchery.

The SINGER Quantum 9960 reviewed: an honest list of features (and flaws)

Here are the features I considered when rating this sewing machine.

What to love:

  • This is not a beginner’s machine. The Quantum 9960 is probably the last sewing machine any home sewer will need,  a true ‘one-and-done.’
  • The Quantum is a good choice for sewing fans who want to expand their skills to become designers as well as merely pattern users.
  • The 9600 is both a sewing and an embroidery machine.
  • The top speed of 850 stitches per minute is plenty of speed for most sewers and most sewing projects. Also, you are always in control of the speed, setting its limits with manual controls. Many projects demand slow speeds, and the top speeds are great for plowing through straight seams.
  • The 9600 has 600 built-in stitches. Most of these need only a touch on the front of the machine to access, not complicated multi-step processes.
  • The stitch library includes a built-in lettering function with 5 alphabets.
  • The machine has stitch sequencing with memory.
  • You can manually adjust both the stitch length and width (7mm).
  • You can elongate or mirror-image stitches for greater creativity.
  • The 9600 has a self-adjusting thread tension system. Simply select your stitch, and the machine sets the tension exactly where it needs to be.
  • You can lower the feed teeth for button sewing or free-motion sewing. Quilters will find this feature crucial. 
  • The machine has a needle up/needle down system. You control exactly which needle position matches your project. This means no more physical gymnastics to get the right position every time.
  • To accommodate myriad stitch demands, there are 25 variable needle positions you can adjust at will. 
  • A twin-needle function makes sewing parallel stitches a breeze.
  • The 9600 has a free-arm sewing area with a storage compartment.
  • An LED-lit screen on the front of the machine shows you which stitch you’ve selected, a great double-check. 
  • An automatic needle threading system takes care of one of the least liked machine sewing chores.
  • Bobbins no longer strike fear into a sewer’s heart with a quick-set top drop-in bobbin winding system.
  • A tie-off button on the 9960 lets you choose to secure your stitching both at the beginning and the end of stitching.
  • Automatic thread trimmer for cutting both upper and lower threads at one time.
  • The 9600 includes are the following low-shank snap-on presser feet: general purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, satin foot, blind hem foot, open toe foot, cording foot, darning/embroidery foot, even feed/walking foot, overcasting foot, button sewing foot, narrow hem foot, quarter inch foot, quilting bar
  • The Quantum 9600 allows the sewer to set the presser feet at extra-high positions for thick and multilayered fabrics.
  • The one-step buttonhole feature produces 13 different buttonhole designs.
  • The heavy-duty metal frame is a solid plus for greater longevity.
  • From the basics to advanced techniques, SINGER offers free online sewing instruction using the 9960.
  • The machine comes with a pack of needles, bobbins (Class 15 transparent), seam ripper/lint brush, auxiliary spool pin, spool pin felt, thread spool caps, screwdriver, large extension table, and hard dust cover.
  • 30-day return policy, 1/5/25-year warranties.

But watch out for:

  • The plastic bobbins included are subject to breakage and just don’t wind as well as the steel variety. Consider buying a good-size collection of Class 15 metal bobbins.

What others are saying about the SINGER 9960

From the manufacturer:

“The Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine is the perfect tool for the budding designer. Give every piece a personal touch with five stunning fonts and well over 600 stitch applications.” The SINGER Sewing Company

What the pros say:

“Ideal for everyday sewing projects (including quilting), this machine offers everything you could need to bring your sewing ideas to life.” Quilters Review

“…ideal for intermediate to advanced users who want various stitch options and are willing to invest their time and money to learn this customizable machine.” The Spruce

“I’m going to tell you immediately that this is a model I highly recommend to at-home sewers and quilters.” Quilter’s Review

Consumer feedback:

SourceAv. ScoreLast checkedNo. Ratings
Amazon4.5 out of 518 Feb 20215982
JOANN Stores4.5 out of 518 Feb 2021498
eBay4.8 out of 518 Feb 2021170

What to expect when you buy

The following are included with the Quantum Stylist:

  • Extra wide extension table
  • Pack of needles
  • Bobbins (Class 15J)
  • Seam ripper
  • Lint brush
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Spool pin felt
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spool caps
  • Seam guide 
  • Quilting bar
  • Clearance plate
  • Instruction manual
  • Power cord
  • Foot control
  • Shank for presser feet

Alternatives to the SINGER Quantum Stylist

The Stylist is a great high-end machine, useful in dozens of ways for expert home sewers. Here are a few other sewing machines in its class.

SINGER Futura XL400

This machine has 125 designs, 5 fonts, multiple hoop capability, 30 built-in stitches, speed control, and SwiftSmart™ Threading System

Janome S5

This machine has WiFi capability, is compatible with iPhones for pattern downloads, has 250 embroidery designs, and a sewing speed of 1,000 spm

Brother SE1900

This machine has 138 designs, 240 built-in stitches, 11 embroidery fonts, 5 x 7-inch hoop area, is computerized, and has 8 included feet

In a nutshell

The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 is both a sewing and embroidery machine. With high speed and advanced computerized capabilities, this is a world-class workhorse for serious sewers. Perfect for making embellished garments, party dresses, or unique quilts and home projects, the 9960 is a great choice for sewing enthusiasts.

Phyllis Stewart
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on April 9th, 2021